Fjord is about space, the elements and natural movement.
On this debut recording, TPO captures a number of improvisations and a handful of original compositions. Not having planned most of what they were going to record, all three musicians are in a place of spontaneity and musical risk-taking. The result is music with a strong gravitational pull, inviting the listener in from the very first note.

A fjord is where the water of the sea dissolves into the land, slowly changing its form and shape. On this album, TPO creates a fjord of its own, delving deeply into an exploration of the natural forces and their movements. Whether these are the forces of water and land, cosmos and stars, or the sounds of drumsticks and strings, does not really matter.

Like the slow movements of water and land, the music on Fjord moves slowly, morphing from one texture to another, from one sound to the next, taking the listener along on the exploration of the natural movements that are all around and inside us.


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Fjord by TPO
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